books you should read : Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) — Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

it’s about : a pilot crashes in the Sahara desert. There he meets a young boy who asks him to draw a sheep. As time goes by, he learns more and more about the melancholy world of this little prince from another planet, and the journey that brought him on earth.
you should read it because : it’s beautiful. It’s a fairy tale, and a poem, one of these books that make you sad and happy at the same time, and a book you don’t forget. I believe that when you read it, feel it, understand it, it changes you, and all things get somehow more intense, more beautiful. Also if you can, do yourself a favour and read it in French.

"Où sont les hommes ?" reprit enfin le petit prince. "On est un peu seul dans le désert …" “On est seul aussi chez les hommes,” dit le serpent.
(“Where are the men ?” said the little prince. “The desert is a bit lonely …” “It’s lonely among men too,” said the snake.)

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